Monday, 26 September 2016

Life in KMNS

Hey peeps.

 KMNS give a big impact in my life. Here, i met a lot of new friends, new surrounding, and of course new challenges. Can't describe how gratefully i am to have such a sweet roommates and classmates that never fails to make me laugh almost every day! But definitely, being far away from parents was the hardest part. I'm not a student from boarding school so i spend my 18 years of life under my parents armpits \hahaha/ so, at first, it takes time for me to adapt this kind of boarding life. I once skipped my meal the whole day just because i miss my mom's ikan bilis goreng belada. Every night, until now, i never skip to contact my mom and dad just to know how they are doing. Day by day, i learned that i will never be a grown up and independent person if i avoid to explore new experience in life. Despite the sad and tiredness, i'm thankful for being offered to further my studies in KMNS.

In KMNS, it is not as bad as i think before. As people knows, KMNS is the second matriculation college built in Malaysia. Of course, it is old. But as i lived here for almost 3 months now, i'm kind of comfortable here. The weather was fine, not too hot and when it is cold, oh i love it so much (especially at night). The room was quiet big for 4 peoples to fit in. The design was old fashioned but i dont care as long as i'm happy there since not so many bugs disturbs me at night. The library, lecture's hall, science lab and tutorials room were all fine! There's nothing i could ask for more. The wifi? Dont worry because i live in A2 4th floor and i'm still able to have a 4G line there!

All in all, i'm all happy to be here. Being far from home and quizzes, exams already became part of my challenges in life here. 4.0 GPA is my goals. So, let's take it positive!

Live everyday with a purpose of learning something new.

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